Opportunities to Improve Math Skills for students

Improving Math Skills

The important thing you have to do is give up the fear of Mathematics. Start playing with numbers mentally. You can do mental calculation while watching TV, traveling, eating at restaurants, etc.  Expose yourself to many different math sources.


Skill Building Games

It can be difficult for parents to keep math on the front burner, especially when it is hard to gauge exactly what their child should be learning. Here are some of the best websites to keep you informed about your child should be learning and to keep them engaged with math.

  • www.coolmath.com This fully interactive site and allows the user to sharpen basic math skills, play games and explore new math concepts.
  • www.funbrain.com/numbers.html This site includes 17 original games based on soccer, car racing and much more Other games include Math Baseball, where a child can score runs with correct answers and Operation Order, where students can build pyramids with their knowledge of algebra.
  • www.learningplanet.com This is a pay site, but students can play some games for free. As a paying parent or teacher you are able to create one or more student accounts. This lets you individualize assignments and view each student's scores and progress
  • www.toytheater.com/math.php Toy theater is a collection of early learning activities. It is aimed at preschool and primary school age students.
  • www.mathplayground.com An action packed site for elementary and middle school students. Play a math game, solve a logic puzzle and have some fun.

You + Math = Success!

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